We offer

ISO Standards Education and Certification Services.

As a partner, we offer PECB Education and Certification Services for the knowledge of ISO standards. 
  • Interested in studying any of the ISO standards & getting certified as an expert?
  • Looking to educate your employee(s) and certify to ISO knowledge?
  • Want to organize private education & certification event for your Team only?
  • Looking for flexible delivery model and/or schedule?

This is what we have for you:
  • Training courses for a big range of ISO standards
  • You name the standard – we find you a course
  • Enroll for the planned event here or contact us to help you
  • Multiple levels of courses: from foundation to advanced
  • Flexible, and tailored to customer needs, training schedules
  • Multiple delivery models for the courses:
  • Self-study
  • Instructor guided self-study
  • On-line
  • Classroom
  • Longer courses can be broken into smaller segments or into evening and/or Saturday’s studies
  • Private events for closed group of people
  • On-line or paper based Certification exam
  • Monitor our news in the Blog, to see what courses are planned to be scheduled

Please, contact us by mail or phone, in order to:
  • Discuss which standard you want to learn
  • Agree on course level and delivery model
  • Help to enroll to the event that is scheduled
  • Book a private event for your requirements
  • Discuss pricing and payment ways
  • Answer all your other possible questions