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Crisis Response Planning, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Management Educational Services.

PlanB Consulting was born from a desire to equip organisations around the world with a robust, reliable ‘plan B’ for when a disruption strikes. Our approach is one of openness, passion, flexibility and excellence: our leadership team actively contribute to the development of the industry standards and are at the forefront of best practice. We guide some of the largest, most complex organisations in the world through the preparation, response and recovery activities for disruption to their business-as-usual.

PlanB Consulting offers a wide range of Business Continuity and Crisis Management services. Please contact us if you want to discuss:
  • Business Continuity Services
  • Crisis Management Services
  • Training & Exercises
  • Planning Services
  • ISO 22301 Certification

You can find more information on the services we offer at: www.planbconsulting.co.uk/services

PlanB Consulting mainly operates in the UK, Western EU and UAE, and we represent their services in Poland, Eastern EU and CIS countries and other new territories, by engaging new clients, providing educational programs, training courses and building awareness.

Please, contact us by mail or phone, in order to discuss:
  • Course delivery model
  • Schedule and enrolment
  • Book a private event
  • Pricing