We offer

Quality Management. Audit & Certification. Software Platforms.

PeRoBa Unternehmenberatung GmbH provides Quality Management (QM) services, in all aspects: introduction, consulting, auditing (ISO, VDA and other), QM systems certification, training and seminars organization.

As the partner of PeRoBa company, we help our clients to learn more about their services and products. This includes specialized software, its implementation, support and training.

PeRoBa® operates worldwide and this is particularly important, if we have to audit the complete Supply Chain. Together we build up a successful and fruitful joint services in Poland, Eastern EU and CIS countries and other new territories, by promoting QM certification audits, education, certification, helping in engagements with interested clients & building awareness.

Please, contact us if you want to discuss:
  • ISO 9001 Certification audits
  • iVision® Remote Audit
  • Requirements of standards
  • Fulfill OEM requirements
  • Security and Safety requirements
  • Trainings and Core Tools
  • Other details