We offer

Integrated Risk, GRC & Resilience Software Platforms.

VirtueSpark provides Enterprise, IT & Cyber Risk Management, Business Continuity and Suppliers Risk Management services. This includes risk management advisory, consultancy and facilitation along the risk management process as well as design and operations of governance and compliance.

VirtueSpark provides a software platform for integrated risk, GRC and Resilience, customizable to customer needs.

As the partner of VirtueSpark, we help our clients to learn more about their services and products This includes the risk and compliance software, its potential implementation, integration, support and training.

VirtueSpark mainly operates in Switzerland and Western EU, and we represent their and our joint services in Poland, Eastern EU and CIS countries and other new territories, helping in engagements with interested clients & building awareness.

Please, contact us by mail or phone, in order to discuss:
  • Scope & services
  • Requirements
  • Location(s)
  • Preferences
  • Other details