We offer

Training and Awareness Programs for Customer needs

We have wide experience in Corporate Business and Cyber Resilience, Business Continuity, Risk Management, Information security.

And we offer tailored awareness and educational programs, seminars, training courses. We also offer education and certification programs with our partners. 

The tailored programs are developed to meet customer precise needs, and will bring you the following values:
  • Program is designed to delivers exact expectations and cover exact topics
  • While training courses last for 1 day and above, tailored session might be even for 1 hour
  • Time and scope of awareness is pre-agreed with the customer
  • Post awareness and training support can be added, as an extra consultation service
  • And more…

Please, contact us by mail or phone, in order to discuss:
  • Scope
  • Dates
  • Location(s)
  • Preferences
  • Course delivery model
  • Enrollment
  • Private event, if needed
  • Pricing